March-hare brings more HSF-challenges!

Going as crazy as a March-hare here….





Stomacher made of green and grey wool. I made a snood out of the rest of the skein (seen below).  This stomacher is in style of Higlander. may not be accurate but it has charm. Plus, it was fun to make. I encourage people to crochet, knit and felt more 18th century items!





I had two charms of Froschkönig lying around. I took ribbon and narrow white satin ribbons to tie them around with.










I had pair of velvet mittens lying around, I decided to embellish them with gold thread! Now I can go out with Swabian elegance! I used different kind of gold threads to make the embrodiery and crocheted lace interesting. Gold looks rich and luxurious with the red velvet.





Various blue embroidered skeins braided into long garters. These will look good with my woollen socks.




I embroidered my linen viking-headdress with linen embrodiery. I took two long yarns and embroidered them on as lace. Long because in viking times, men would say to women sewing “Make it long, Norn.” Because Norns were fates who decided man’s life by cutting the thread of life. At the other side I embroidered the rune Ing in honor of the tribe Ingaevones.




I had surprlus small skein of grey wook. On the hair it goes as a viking-snood!



I took out my old mittens bought at a goth shop in Berlin and whipped on black engageantes as a “victoriana meets rococo”-sort of thing.


February HSF-challenges


And here comes the very late February-challenges!




1920s butterfly-bolero

I had blue satin. I cut it up in rectangles (what else?) and took a blue embrodiery floss in same color I had lyign around. Then I started handstitching it together. The end result is nice. Its bit shapeless to my taste but goes well with 1920s dress when I finally make one. The dark blue color is very forgiving too for my figure and it is easy color to accesorize.



1930s bolero

I found a nice sliding dyed skein of pink cotton from Lavikko. I decided to do a capelet in 30s style. Something that my grandma would have thrown on her shoulders at evenings when the kids were in bed and she had finally time to knit. I’m putting  a nice silkribbon to hold it together instead of just knotting it on like it is below picture.




Surprising twist! I made a doll!

I found an Unicef-doll in my local flea market. I took it home and took apart its face. i decided on making it a vampire with 90s goth meets 30s glamour style. But after I finished the doll I decided to make it a headdress of velvet piece I had leftover from the sleeves I made. And as I padded the velvet headdress on the doll, I had an epiphany. I had to remake the face and give the doll back its dirnd-esque clothes. I had already scissored the dress off and it was in bottom and top-part. So I sewed it on like the top part is a vest of a dirndl instead. Before I took it off, it was more A-line dress. The doll now has an folkdress-style!


Under it all 1:

Lacy undersleevets

I had a 5 euro anniversary-giftcard to my local Tiger. I went there for inspiration and then I saw it. Overpriced cotton lace-roll for 5 euros. I took it and decided on sleeves. It was easy. I measure the lace in half and took the other half and sliced it in three parts. And did the same for other so all were of equal size. Then I took needle and thread and started putting my frankenstein together. I was watching Arnold from 1973 when I did these babies. The opening scene’s cheerful bride going through cemetary to marry her dead lover in a crypt was so bizarre!



Under it all 2:

18th century pocket

I had a fabric from a bucthered Bodyline-lolita dress around. The fabric has nice pattern and its stretchy.


Tucks and pleats:

Kampfrau sleevets

I had red velvet from Berlin I bought ten years ago. So time to put it in good use. I have used the 2 meters well so far. My piece de resistance are the sleevets here. I used white flag-silk for the undersleeves peeking from the slots and white embroidery floss to stitch everything together and lastly edge off the seams in needlelace.

I also put lace-cuffs I cut from a blouse and put them in here. Since the original Kampfraus pieced their clothing togerther from various parts, I think thye would have approved of my work! I think I might still work on that needlelacework later on but now I leave it at peace.



More like IFO (identified flying object)……that’s how I classify my hoard. Into UFOs (not yet decided what I do with this) and IFOs (I have decided but I am lazy or busy)

Golden Beltbuckle

Nothing much to say about this project. I had golden paillette-ribbon in my savings so I put it in good use. I first took three plastic rings I had and bound them together with pink lace I had, then I wrapped the paillettes on. And there it is. Looks good on 18th century sashes since they loved paillettes that glittered in candlelight.



Nursing school woes

The school I’m going to is first class but tough. We have numerous group works and assignments. I have been suffering from insomnia and even anxiety because of that.


I was in same polytechnical school ten years ago studying tradenomy. I had to quit after two years due to mental breakdown. I was depressed from sexual abuse and bullying I endured in middle school and it finally came back to haunt me 10 years after. The loneliness and depression got to me. Plus that tradenomy was not my field.


I felt like a failure. I started to be fearful of darkness in my little flat. My parents came to pick me up every weekend and on holidays but it didn’t help. I often had no one but tv on comforting me.


The faces of my schoolmates blurred and soon I could not tell who was who. I pulled an all-nighter to finish a group work that I was not capable finishing. At mornign when I was supposed to present it, I broke down and cried instead.


I dropped out and started my ten years of mental health-cycle. Pills, therapy and work therapy until I dared to try artisan-line again. Few years later after working at a school I had an epiphany to apply for nursing school. My father had told me about their family friend’s son who has applied for socionomy-line and got in. I thought, why wouldn’t I then? Was I too old at 34? Too damaged to be a nurse? I never thought I would get in. I was in shock last November when I did. So was everyone I knew.

I am happy. As much as challenging the school is, I have learnt to be kind to myself. I am not the same person as I was before. I have met fellow students who have wrestled with same problems I have. I know I will be a great nurse when given opportunity. My first wor practice is starting in 2 weeks and I am pumped to do my best!

Sometimes, I believe that fate is already decided. Ad maybe thats a comforting thought after all.

Anyway, heres pics of our Pomo, the bossiest Mr. Bossypants who was gracious enough to bring class to the lives of me and mother with his presence while isä was away to visit my brother.

At long last, January HSF-challenges

I have been very busy with my nursing studies so I have been late late late. So without further ado, here goes:



Centennial woman

In honor of Finland’s 100 years of independence, I chose Centennial woman as my  “-nial”-challenge. Its a handbag made of purple satin I had lying around and brown velour I used as lining. The frame is from my local Sinooperi-store and the chain was a lucky find at my local “Bring your surplus craft-crap here for charity!”-store. I had no plans to use it for handbag. It was juts something I had lying around for “just in case”. When I started doing my handbag I planned on weaving a purple chain from yarn but then remembered I had actual chain lying around.

I enevr thought I would do this. I always though making a bag was difficult. But finding a nice silver handbag-.frame with good holes inspired me. I decided on this lovely purple satin piece I found in my hoard. I lined it with brown velveteen. My next challenge will be embroidering it with beads I have plentiful in my hoard.

Fabric: Wisteria-purple silk-sateen

The embroidery for the bag is upcoming in the April-challenge.



Make do and mend: Sleeve plumpers

This was last minute effort. I found some good quality white cotton from my hoard. Its almost velvety in texture and I did what I usually do: I cut it up in half and made it into sleeves as it was just enough for it. At first I thought about making the sleeves for a white chemise (even if that was all the fabric I had). But after looking at the finished product, I was thinking sleeve-plumpers from Regency period and onwards to 1890s. The kind of undersleeves that keep the puffy mutton-sleeves in shape.




Bonus:  crocheted frills made from a skein of linen-colored net-yarn called Caroline by Katia. I found this yarn at my local yarn shop called Lavikko. No idea  where to use them yet.




Procratination: Chokers. Because you always need chokers…..look at my oddly stern schoolmarm-face at second pic…..I was concentrating hard…..




Firsts…: Hair-rat. I just wrapped brown mohair on a headband. It blends with my actual haircolor superbly.

Notions: needle, thread, metallic headband corrugated and mohair-knitting thread. The snood had size 6 crochet hook.

And lastly, since the challenge had firsts and lasts. I decided to make something over the hair-rat. A triangular snood crocheted from green woollen skein.



Innovation: Feltpocket

I chose felting as my invention. Its an old one, true but felting has never seen such comeback as it has lately in form of wet felting and needlefelting. I did this pocket at artisan-school few years back and finished it now. Its very basic bag. I wetfelted two colors and added a felt-yarn in it. Making fabric with wet felting-method was fun and interesting and I would love to do it again soon for larger clothing items.




Under it all: 18th century Kerchief

This was lazy of me. I found a piece of cotton meant for a fischu.

Fabric: Plain woven cotton-fabric from Nehelenia Patterns. How historically accurate is it? Very accurate, all-purpose kerchief for hair-dos and neckline.